About Laurie - Founder of GreenCloud

We have started our Greencloud ambassador program and want you to get to know each of these inspiring women, their work in and out of medicine, their successes and struggles, and their personalities!


To open this new section of our website and social networks, we are starting with our Founder, Dr. Laurie Boge. 


  • Where does the name GreenCloud come from?

I have heard so many times since I entered the medical field that s/he is a black cloud or a white cloud. I’ve thought about this a lot and I don’t believe in either. So I played with the wording and GreenCloud was born. Green represents health, harmony, luck, the environment and I just love that more! Obviously now whenever I am told what color cloud I am, I simply correct them.

  • Are you still working in clinical medicine?

I still work emergency medicine 1-2 days a week! I love clinical medicine and have found a schedule that works for me. Nothing in my life is balanced, yet I am living my best life.  

  • How hard is it to start a business?

Starting GreenCloud has had its challenges for sure. But we in medicine are ok with doing hard things. When I have a tough day, I go and put my scrubs on and the feeling I get in them reminds me it’s all ok!

  • What is your mission?

My mission is to make women in medicine feel and look as amazing as the work they are doing. Our company gives back a large percentage to support women in medicine making real change. 

  • What’s your favorite podcast?

My favorite podcast right now is How I Built This by Guy Raz! 

  • What’s something else interesting?

I am board certified in EM but also studied Integrative Medicine at GWU. I love emergency med but honestly, prevention is key and I wish we focused more on Blue Zone living in medicine. Running is when I feel my most beautiful real self. I solve most of my problems, think of most of my best ideas, and plan my days on my early morning run. The sweatier the better! 

  • Favorite GreenCloud item?

My favorite item: this is tough.  Each item is like a child;-) I love the Walker Jacket and LAB Joggers and Picotte tanks. But I really love switching it up! For clinical days I wear either the Blackwell top or Apgar top with the Blackwell pants. GreenCloud days I am living in the LAB Joggers and Picotte tank. We have a third pant option that will definitely compete with both the Blackwell pants and Joggers. 

  • Favorite singer?

Bruce Springsteen. My husband listens to him all day everyday and I’ve really learned to love his work and what he stands for.

  • What needs to change for women in medicine STAT?

So much. Transparent pay, we need to be in more leadership roles and making more decisions, maternity/paternity leave has so far to go, residency hours and pay, nursing pay and benefits. That’s just the start….

  • Why the Ambassador Program?

I’m starting an Ambassador program with a few select women in medicine whom I admire for doing amazing work. I want to highlight them and let them educate us. I want a GreenCloud GirlsClub where we celebrate women in medicine at conferences across the country. I would love for a few of them to become future advisors of GreenCloud. We are just starting the program and I am super excited to see where it goes!