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Medical professionals’ daily lives are made of hectic schedules, long work hours, and scrubs. That is how their entire career works, meaning that they often find different scrub accessories to liven up their medical uniforms. GreenCloud Apparel has some accessories for nurses and other medical professionals to use! Our accessories can help you add a little more personality to our luxury scrubs or be more comfortable in them! 

Our medical scrubs and accessories:

Our jackets and tanks are great to go over and under our medical scrub tops for women. They can add a fashionable layer or keep you comfortable on a long shift. We have a couple of other ways to accessorize and make your scrubs more fashionable. 

Play With Colors

Experimenting with different colors that we offer our scrub sets in is a great way to mix them up. You can try different colors throughout the week, switch it up for holidays and seasons, or if you prefer a specific color, then you can switch up your socks, scrub caps, and shoes! 

Wear Stylish Shoes

Shoes for women in medicine should be comfortable, but that doesn’t mean they can’t be stylish! Focus on the comfort and arch support since you will be on your feet all day, then worry about the color and stylishness. You could also rock our BADASS socks with whatever shoes you choose!

Accessorize Where You Can

Normal, everyday accessories like dangling jewelry, are frowned upon in the medical field for obvious reasons. It could get caught or snagged on something, be tugged or broken, plus they are difficult to sanitize. But there are still dress-code friendly healthcare accessories. 

Accessories for nurses:

  • Our healthcare approved jackets 
  • Our BADASS socks
  • And our form-fitting layering tanks

You can even get scrub caps with patterns or different colors to add a personal touch to your work wardrobe. 

Come Shop With Us! 

We will be adding more and more to our collection starting soon! We hope to help you bring more of your personality and style to a job you already love. With multiple colors, styles, and fits, you can create a set all your own. Plus, adding touches to it like our socks, jackets and tanks can really bring the whole look home! Come shop with us today! 

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  • sarah

    Im interested in the BAD ASS socks however i cant find them on the socks sections. Are they discontinued?

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