How to keep your style in Scrubs.

You don't have to lose your style to wear your scrubs, the choice of patterns, colors, and even accessories can imprint your style. Below we give you some tips.

If you have a more classic style. We can guarantee that our Blackwell Bottom and Apgar Shirt in Sable Black will bring all the elegance. Pair with a very nice blazer, a more structured bag, and a nice pair of short pumps or flats.


For those who want more creativity, why not mix and match our scrubs in different colors and print your personality in the accessories to compose your look.


But if you have a stylish style you will love the color pallet, especially the navy blue, with black details, and the plum. You can compose it with fancy accessories such as fun earrings, a unique pair of shoes and a fancy bag.


For those women that love to show all their feminity, we suggest the Matilda Scrubs in the Citadel blue a beautiful light soft blue, or in the olive color with the button detail in pink. Leave the collar closed to highlight the collar frill.


If you prefer a modern look, try our amazing combination of black and pink. You will be sure to stand out with the pop of shocking pink! You can improve the look with rocker shoes.


And if your place is all about comfort and casualness, don't be afraid to choose our Lab Jogger and throw yourself into our super comfortable sweatshirts. 


And if you think you can’t bring your magnetic personality in a style that enhances your curves to your work environment, you thought wrong. With our Piccote Tank and Blackwell Sable Black pants, you can imprint your powerful personality. And amazing high heels will help to bring you to this place.


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