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Veterans Day Scrubs

With Veterans Day coming up (November 11th), I wanted to share a little more about my story and why this day is so important to me. 

I completed my emergency medicine residency with the US Army in Ft Hood, Texas. I was the only female resident in my class.  Soon after completing residency, I deployed to one of the busiest trauma centers in Iraq. I spent 7 months in Baghdad and the only way I can describe it is that it was the best and worst time of my life. We provided incredible care to soldiers and marines and it was an honor to have the chance to do so.  During the deployment, physicians lived inside the hospital so they would be available at any moment when mass casualty events happened.  On my little time away from the ER, I would often change into my favorite pair of jeans that I stuffed into my already full rucksack and watch Sex and the City reruns.  I obviously couldn’t wear jeans anywhere outside of my room, but there was something so significant about wearing something I love instead of a uniform 24/7.  


GreenCloud Apparel teamed up with top designers in Miami to create a sophisticated and chic line that gives you the same comforting feeling as my jeans provided.  I know how hard you work, how much you sacrifice, and if I can help you feel a little better while doing so, well then, my mission is complete. 

I am launching an Olive/ Peony Pink line in honor of my military days to reflect our Veterans Day support.  I added the pop of pink because that Olive Green looks so much better with it, and I think the military uniforms would too!

A History of Women In The US Military

During World War I about 35,000 women officially served as nurses and support staff and by World War II about 140,000 women served in the US Army and the Women’s Army Corps (WAC) performing critical jobs such as military intelligence, cryptography, and parachute rigging. 1,000 of these women flew aircraft as the Women Airforce Service Pilots (WASP). 1

According to history, it wasn’t until WWII that women gained recognition as being full members of the military. With branches like WAC, WAPS, Coast Guard Women’s Reserves (SPARs), Marine Corps Women Reserve, and Navy WAVES (Women Accepted for Volunteering Emergency Services), women made it known that it was their war too. This is where the famous “We Can Do It” attitude was embodied. 

And now today about 200,000 women serve in ALL areas of the military.  Gender disparities still exist, but we are slowly breaking down those barriers.  More women in the senior ranks will help accomplish this mission.    

What Are Ways of Honoring Our Veterans?

When purchasing medical uniforms from GreenCloud- like our Veterans Day scrubs, we will be donating 5% of sales to military non-profits:

In addition to purchasing our women’s scrub bottoms, scrub tops for women, and other medical scrubs for women, there are many ways to donate and honor our Veterans:

  • Show up - Attending Veterans Day events in your area is a great way to show your Veteran’s Day support. 
  • Donate - There are so many organizations out there raising money to help our veterans find one that speaks to you and donate. One of the best ways to do this is by purchasing Veterans Day apparel. 
  • Fly the American Flag - This is a simple and symbolic way to show that you are honoring Veterans. 
  • Ask them about their service - Ask them how long they served, their favorite memories, did anyone else in their family serve, asking them for their story is a supportive and kind way to honor our Vets. 

Veteran’s Day is one of the best and worst days of the year for me.  And probably for so many others and to honor it we decided to roll out our Veteran’s Day scrubs - purchase yours today. 


  1. American Legion - ‘We can do it:’ The history of women in military servic

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  • Danielle Andolina

    Just learned about your scrubs and they are gorgeous. I am a nurse and Air Force Veteran and wanted to see if there is a military discount. Thinking of ordering but hard to decide which I want. They are so lovely.

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