Famous Women Doctors in History

There have been so many female medical pioneers who have paved the road for women in medicine today. GreenCloud Apparel was created to provide confidence and the best luxury scrubs for those women while honoring those who got us here. We chose to name each piece we offer after one of the famous women doctors in history to show our appreciation for what they did. 

There are women all over the world who laid the groundwork for women to grow, thrive, and succeed in the medical field today.  

Female Medical Pioneers

In our collections, we have scrub tops for women, women’s scrub bottoms, accessories, and a few new products on their way! 

Our three scrub tops are named after three female pioneers in the medical world:

  • Apgar Scrub Top:  Named after Dr., a medical pioneer, was the first woman to become a full professor at Columbia University College of Physicians and Surgeons (where she also studied). She also designed the first standardized method for evaluating the newborn’s transition to life outside of the womb - the Apgar score. 
  • Matilda Scrub Top: This top is named after Matilda Joslyn Gage, who wrote an essay in 1893 called “Women as an Inventor” that protested the common assertion that “women… possesses no inventive or mechanical genius.” 1 She wrote that “even the United States census” failed “to enumerate her among the inventors of the country.” Historian of science Margaret Rossiter named this “denial of recognition to women scientists” the Matilda Effect. 
  • Blackwell Scrub Top: This top, and the Blackwell Bottoms, got their name from the first woman in America to receive a medical degree, Dr. Elizabeth Blackwell from Bristol, England. Throughout the 1800s she faced discrimination and hardships for wanting to pursue medicine. But ultimately she would be the first to receive her degree and even opened up a medical college for women in 1868. 
  • Crumpler Layering Tank: Dr. Rebecca Lee Crumpler was not only a female medical pioneer because she earned a degree from New England Female Medical College, but she was also the first African American woman to do so. Dr. Crumpler wrote in her Book of Medical Discourses that she took a liking to help those who were sick and suffering early on in life. She practiced medicine later on in life, after receiving her M.D., in Boston, Massachusetts, and Richmond, Virginia, after the Civil War, where she focused on the diseases of women and children and helped care for the freed slaves.
  • Picotte Tank: This is a newer product that will be coming soon! This tank was named after Susan La Flesche Picotte, the first American Indian doctor. She grew up on the Omaha Reservation in Nebraska during the 1800s. During this time, she was guided by her parents to have an Anglo-American education. Because of this, she graduated in 1889 from the Women’s Medical College of Pennsylvania, making her the first American Indian Female Physician. She returned home and spent most of her career-making house calls on foot or horse-drawn carriage over 1,350 miles. In 1913, 2 years before she died, La Flesche founded the first Hospital on the Omaha reservation. 
  • Walker Jacket: This is another piece coming soon! Our Walker Jacket was named after Mary Edwards Walker, who was the first and only woman in United States history to receive the presidential medal of honor. She was a surgeon, women’s rights advocate, abolitionist, and spy. Walker was also the first female U.S. Army surgeon during the Civil War. In Walker’s hometown of Oswego, New York, you can see a 900-pound bronze statue in honor of her contributions. 

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Each piece of luxury scrubs we release is created with thanks and honor to the famous women doctors in history that walked so we can run. Shop GreenCloud Apparel and wear our sets with as much confidence and pride as the women before us had to succeed. 

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